Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I hate being ill!

Apologies for the late arrival of this update, but I have been out of action for a few days courtesy of a vile cold.  Normally I would just grin and bear it, but this particular version has had me off work for two days - I hope to be back in business tomorrow.

As for my stitching, some pieces have done better than others this week.  Despite some frogging mid week, the Bouquet piece has made very good progress, thanks to a lengthy child minding session on Saturday while my sister and her husband went to a funeral.  I need to finish the current pot, do the third pot and then back stitch it.  When that is done, I will take these pieces out of the stitching process in order to concentrate on Enchanted Garden.  

Next up is Turkish Challenge.  This is one of the pieces which has made less progress this week.  My current thinking is to finish the bottom section, i.e. the leaves and stems, before moving on to the flowers.  I am quite enjoying working on this linen, although it does require good light and concentration.

Then we have Train of Dreams.  This piece was affected by the vile cold.  I generally work on Train on Sunday mornings while I do my laundry, and as the cold started to make itself know on Saturday evening and got worse as Sunday went on, there came a point when I had to put this down.  However, I did complete one block and get a lot done on the next, so it wasn't a complete failure.

Finally, Carnation.  I have a confession to make regarding this photo - normally I take my WIP photos on Sunday night, but this week for obvious reasons, I forgot.  On Monday I was bed bound and got no stitching done at all.  This morning I had already settled down to stitching before I remembered that I hadn't taken a picture of last week's work.  So this photo shows last week's three blocks and a little bit more.

Of the other two pieces that I should be working on, Serena remains untouched.  How long does it take before a WIP becomes a UFO?  As for Enchanted Garden, I did manage to get the fabric cut and hemmed this weekend.  I now need to sort out the threads and decide whether I am going to use a hoop or put it on my lap frame.  And, as mentioned above, I'm thinking that I really ought to get my current Bouquet piece finished and take that out of rotation before I start anything else, particularly as I'm not finding time to work on Serena as it is.

Anyway, I am going to call it a night as I hope to be going back to work tomorrow.  Wishing you all good health vibes and may the nasty germs stay well away from you.

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  1. Everything is coming along nicely! Hope you are all mended up now. I had a horrible cold for 22 days! yikes. It was bad. Happy stitching with your wonderful pieces! :)