Sunday, 27 January 2013

2013 WIPocalypse - January Full Moon

I find it hard to believe that it is WIPocalypse time already - where has January gone to?  However, life has just about returned to normal and I'm starting to get back to a normal level of stitching.  The only WIP that I have not made progress on this week is "Serena", one of Just Nan's Angels, which is part of a project that I am stitching for my Mum.  I am not too fussed about this because the deadline is mid November.

First up, progress on Bouquet part 2.  Although the wheelbarrow is not yet finished, I have stitched the first pot and there are some leaves coming in.  The combination of colours on these pieces is very strange, but the back stitching does seem to make a big difference.

Next up is my Turkish Challenge piece.  I'm still working on the leaves, but where that stalky bit is, there will be eventually be a flower.

According to my WIP photos, it has been three weeks since I worked on my HAED piece, Train of Dreams.  We had a lovely sunny morning today and I got in a couple of hours on this between loads of laundry.  I am pleased to report another finished block (top right) and progress in a couple more.

 Finally, Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose.  I am delighted to report that row 6 of page 3 is now complete.  Most of this row was confetti heaven, but the first few blocks of row 7 look to be fairly straightforward, thank goodness.

I would have like to have got more done this weekend, although I spent Friday (my day off) working solely on Carnation.  However, I was in desperate need of a haircut, then I had to reschedule my shopping session to accommodate Dad, and then today I took my nieces to the theatre.  We saw "Why the Lion Danced?", a children's play for the Chinese New Year.  All three of us enjoyed it very much, but it has meant less stitching time.

The challenge for the week ahead - finish the wheelbarrow, continue working on the leaves of Turkish Challenge, complete at least one block on Train, stitch my usual three blocks on Carnation, make some progress (no matter how small) on Serena, and sort out the fabric for Enchanted Garden.  I have called it a challenge rather than a plan, because I may well end up with littlest niece for a sleepover on Friday night, so no guarantees.

May the Full Moon shine her blessings down on you and yours.


  1. All your projects are looking wonderful!

  2. Looking good and I will be watching your progress for the year.

  3. Lovely to see your stitching progress! Thanks! Hope you have a great week! :)

  4. Beautiful projects, I'm looking forward to see progress on all of them!

  5. Gorgeous stitching. Its great to see your progress On carnations.

  6. You have some stunning projects there. I'm looking forward to seeing more and watching the designs come to life!