Sunday, 23 September 2012

Walking in the rain!

It is coming down heavy outside and now that the courtesy car has gone back to the garage, I am going to be getting up close and personal with the weather for the time being.  

Taking the car back took up the whole of yesterday morning.  It took over half an hour to get to the garage, including a slight detour at the end due to bad signposting.  Then I had to be taken to the compound to remove all my belongings from my now ex-car - I had forgotten quite how much stuff I had been carrying around.  Next the garage guy drove me into the town centre to catch a bus back to my town - the bus journey took about an hour.  I got off the bus, hauled the bag full of car stuff into the theatre booking office, bought Mum's Christmas present, and then hauled the bag several hundred yards down the main road to catch the bus home. 

When I got back to my suburb, I hauled the bag into a local bakery to buy some lunch and then continued hauling the bag the rest of the way home.  When I say "haul", this means frequently putting the wretched thing down, changing hands and moving on until my carrying hand objected too much.  Fortunately I met my sister's young lodger in the car park and he carried the bag up the stairs for me, for which I was very grateful.  Having set out at 8.45am, I got in about 12 noon.  I had my lunch and then vegetated for the rest of the day.  I now have no car and no prospect of being able to sort out a new (to me) car for at least the next couple of weeks - and all this due to an accident that was not my fault!

In brighter news, Dad has his appointment for his endoscopy later this week - if this comes back clear as well, I haven't got a clue what else they can possibly do to find out what is wrong with him.

On to stitching.  There has been very little progress on Delft - a bit of backstitch and a start on the bottom border.  I just can't seem to get motivated to work on it in my lunch hour when I do have some free time.  Gotta get a grip!

Slightly more progress to report on Train of Dreams.  After yesterday morning's excursion and knowing that I was going to have to walk to my parents today to borrow the car to take Dad shopping, and then walk home again afterwards, I wasn't really in the mood for confetti stitching, so I worked on the black in-fill at the top middle.  Coming along slowly!

 Having said last week that I needed to try and put in extra time on Carnation in order to have a happy dance for my birthday, I am pleased to report that I completed five blocks this week and put several stitches into block six.  This means that I only have three blocks to do this week.  As I am going to be busy, busy, busy, every spare second will have to be put into Carnation, so no reading, no surfing and much stitching as can be fitted in.  The next update is also September's WIPocalypse and I would be over the (full) moon to be able to announce a page finish!

I'm finishing here because its getting late, I've got to walk to work tomorrow, and its feeling chilly and damp tonight so I need to make a hot water bottle to take to bed. 

Happy stitching, folks!


  1. Lovely progress on the 3 projects ;) I do hope you can reach your goal for Carnation. It's loking lovely :)
    I'm so sorry that you have to walk around now and for the "haul" walk :S... I hate to do it especially on rainy days... I hope you manage to get a "new" car soon ;)


  2. Yesterday didn't sound like such a fun day for you - I hope you get something sorted soon.

    Great progress on the stitching though!

  3. Your Carnation piece is looking fantastic! Hope you get your auto issues resolved soon!

  4. Doh!!! That's no fun having to walk in the rain. :( Anything new on the car front?