Sunday, 30 September 2012

2012 WIPocalypse - September Full Moon

This is likely to be short and sweet as I have been somewhat occupied this week and will be out tonight.

Due to having been out nearly every night this week, there is not a lot of stitching to report.  There has been a very little progress on Delft - a bit more work on the border, but nothing else.  I have nothing to report on Train as it has not seen a needle this week.

However I am delighted to announce that page 2 of Carnation Lily Lily Rose is now complete!!  I didn't manage to get it done for my birthday, but put the last stitches in this morning.  I'm really pleased with myself and looking forward to what page 3 will bring.

I have also worked out how to put progress markers on my blog.  I'm only counting completed blocks, which is why I'm showing no progress on Train - there are only about 6 completed blocks and lots of partial blocks.  I just can't face counting all the odd stitches.

In other news, Dad went for his endoscopy yesterday.  They found a little irritation at the base of his stomach which they reckon is due to him taking his aspirin before meals rather than after.  They also removed a couple of small areas for testing where they thought that the stomach wall looked thicker than normal.  So we are now back to wait and see.  He has an appointment booked in already which means that we don't have to wait for that to come through.

I find that I'm really struggling without a car.  I have to think twice about everything I do because I can't just hop in the car.  I've become so much more reliant on other people's good nature as well as on public transport.  For example, we had our Marie Curie ceilidh last night.  In order to help with the setting up, I had to cadge a lift to the location, and then a lift home to get dressed, another lift back to the location and a lift home at the end of the night.  The ceilidh went very well, people thoroughly enjoyed themselves, it looks like we made quite a bit of money and learned some valuable tips for future events.  But it would have been so much easier and much less stressful if I had still had a car.  I've had the money from the insurance but am still trying to sort out with the garage, so it will be a little longer before I can go car hunting.

Wishing all of you the very best - keep calm and keep stitching!


  1. I truly love those two projects you're stitching and I can't wait to see more of it :D

  2. I love the look of Delft -- so sweet. Congrats on finishing page 2 -- it's looking great.

    Egads -- I cannot imagine how hard it must be to be without a car. I hope things get straightened out for you soon.

  3. Congrats on the page 2 finish!!! :D

    Hmm... hope all the test come back with good news on your dad.

  4. Congratulation on finishing page 2 =)
    It looks wonderful =)
    Delft is very beautiful =)

    I hope your dad will be well!