Monday, 6 August 2012

Coming right along!

Although it is only a few days since my WIPocalypse post, I do have some progress to show you.

 I'll start with a photo of the Cat in its final form.  As usual, trying to show the real colour of the fabric has not really worked, but I can assure you that it has framed up really nicely and my only problem now is how to get it to Cardiff without any damage.  I have a week or so in hand and I'm hoping to be able to show the finished article to the Patchwork Group on Thursday before sending it off.

While I was waiting for the framers to open on Saturday so that I could collect the Cat, I managed to finish and backstitch the first flower on Delft part 3.  It's not a brilliant picture, but if any of you have any idea what sort of flower it might be, I should be glad to know.

Having completed the week's three blocks in time for my WIPocalypse post, I managed to get another block and a half done by close of play on Sunday, which is my cut off point for progress photos.  This puts me slightly ahead of schedule and I plan to keep pushing on this one.  If I can squeeze an extra block or half a block in every week or so, I might manage to get page 2 done by my birthday at the end of September, instead of towards the end of October, which would be a nice birthday present to give myself.

In other news, my former garage has passed my colleague's letter on to their solicitors, but there has been no formal response.  Following last week's little trauma, my colleague has written another letter to the garage, outlining the additional problem, asking who their solicitors are and saying that if we don't get a proper response by the end of this week, we will take action without further notice.

Finally, Mum and I did the Race for Life yesterday.  We finished in 53 minutes 2 seconds, having done 5km at a briskish walk.  The first woman home did the course in 22 minutes, but the chances of me running 5km at any stage in my career, past or present, are nil to zilch!  This was followed by a family birthday tea at my sister's to celebrate Dad's 70th, which was very nice, thank you, little sis!

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