Sunday, 26 August 2012

Carry on carrying on

So here we go again with another Sunday update - mainly stitching as there is nothing really exciting going on in my world at the moment.

 Starting with Delft, we have another butterfly and the beginnings of the second flower.  I seem to be losing my mojo on this one.  However, tomorrow is Bank Holiday so I will try to put a bit of time in on this in the hope of then being able to finish it during our stitching day on Friday.

Moving on to Train of Dreams, although this still does not look very exciting, progress has been made.  I have decided on a change of technique.  The first two rows were stitched bottom leg for 80 stitches and then top leg back along the row.  This was fine for the first row, but I seemed to spend most of the second row turning the hoop over to check that I was putting the needle through the right hole.  

I am now stitching complete stitches - it will use up a lot more thread, but it is actually covering the fabric faster and I can be confident that the needle is going where it is supposed to go.  There is still quite a lot of black to do before it gets more colourful, but the right hand side is beginning to show the outline of the spine of one of the books.

Last, but definitely not least, we have Carnation.  My four blocks for the week are done with some progress into the next one, so I am still on target for getting page 2 finished by my birthday.  I will also be hitting the 18 month mark at about the same time.  This piece is really special to me - it's a real achievement, something to be proud of.  It may well be that at some point I start to feel the same way about Train of Dreams, which is also a BAP - single colour threads rather than blended, but on a significantly larger count fabric, 25 count as opposed to 16.

In other news, Dad has an appointment at the hospital on Thursday at which he should find out about the things they removed the other week - fingers crossed.

I was a good auntie today.  My sister and brother in law were redecorating the flat they let out, so I took my nieces on my weekly grocery shop with Dad.  He had No. 1 niece who is relatively sensible and I took on No. 2 niece who is more wild and woolly.  They were quite well behaved - having worked in that particular supermarket in my youth, I know how difficult small children can be when out shopping - so later on there was cake.

Friday is stitching day with the Patchwork group and also the second August full moon, so WIPocalypse time - see you then.


  1. Delft is looking pretty.
    When i was doing rows and rows of black i done mine the same has you in half stitches then back.Never again,it took forever.Look forward to seeing your progress on Train Of Dreams.
    Carnation is looking good.
    Fingers crossed its all good news with your dad.

  2. Great progress and hooray for bank holidays!

    Fingers crossed for your Dad.

    Emma xo

  3. Hello

    Your stitching looks lovely!
    Hope the news is good for your Dad.
    Cat x