Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sorry it's late!

Hi, this is my usual Sunday evening update, but on a Wednesday.  On Sunday night, I was babysitting for my sister, on Monday night I was out at a family history meeting and last night was my Pilates night, so this is my first opportunity to catch up.  All the photos are however as of Sunday night.

I worked on the Cat last Thursday at Patchwork Night, as well as on Sunday morning.  Progress is being made although it still doesn't look like a cat.  The patchwork group are having a stitching day tomorrow, so I will be taking this along to work on in the hope of getting a decent amount done.

 Another three blocks were completed on Carnation, which means that the bottom row is done and I have moved up to the next row.  Although I have now received and assembled my Lowery workstand (think IKEA flatpack!), I will continue to work from the bottom up so as not to confuse myself.  The Lowery is strong enough and stable enough to hold my 27 inch frame at the side, which means no more problems accessing the top of the fabric.  It means a slightly different way of working, but I think that the Lowery and I are going to get on just fine.

Finally, my "as well as" Delft piece.  All that remains is to finish the border and then turn it into a card.  There are another three in the set, so I will have a steady diet of blue stitching for a while.  This one will also go with me tomorrow, with a view to finishing it off.

I am still considering my new start.  I have a couple of possibilities in mind.  Lesley Teare has a series of bird pieces running in Cross Stitch Collection, which I am very taken with.  The kingfisher and the owl that have been issued already are lovely and the heron that comes next looks wonderful.  Alternatively, there are a couple of Thea Gouverneur pieces in her book "The Secret Garden" that I have had my eye on for some while now.  Decisions, decisions!

As well as tomorrow's stitching day, I am also signed up for the International Hermit and Stiching Weekend this weekend so hope to have good progress to show you in my next update.


  1. Lovely stitching; I love the cat WIP