Sunday, 6 May 2012

2012 WIPocalypse - May Full Moon

Well, according to my diary, today is our Full Moon here in the UK and so here is my update post.

 The Cat still doesn't look much like a cat, but progress has been made.  It has been to work with me again this week, in addition to its normal Sunday morning slot.  My current plan is to work the bottom left hand corner before going back over to the right hand side and working up to the other eye.

Carnation is also progressing nicely, with another three blocks being completed this week.  The brownish section is part of one of the little girls' hair, but you will have to wait a while to see her face as it is on page 6 of the chart.

While I'm on the subject of Carnation, I have ordered my Lowery floor stand and am keeping my fingers crossed that it will arrive either some time the end of this week or the beginning of the next.  Once I have got it set up and got some stitches in, then I will let you know what I think.

Now this is not the new start that I earned by finishing the Fuschias - this is an "as well as" piece.  The new start, when I finally decide on it, is going to be for me.  This piece is a floral Delft type design from Cross Stitch Collection Issue 181 and will be finished as a card to sell for Marie Curie.  I would like to get together a little stash of cards that can be sold at one of our events as my contribution, as baking is not my forte.

On a more cheerful note than my last post, Mum is feeling quite a bit better, enough so that she has been working in the garden when the weather permits, trying to get it tidy and sorted for the Open Gardens event later this month.

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