Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring is in the air!

Instead of posting this last night (although I had already taken the photos), I went to my sister's for the first barbecue of the year! It's ridiculous - it's not even April and the weather was so nice yesterday that my brother in law decided that it was time to get the barbie out - I still wore a coat!

Saturday morning was very chilly and by the time that I had spent two hours (9-11am) collecting for the Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal, I seriously needed to defrost.  Once defrosted, I went to the framers to pick up this up.  This is John Clayton's Fuchsias which I finished on 12 May 2011 and have only just got round to having framed.  It's actually a pale ivory mount and a navy blue aluminium frame - the wooden frames were all too wide.  I think that it's come out very nicely and all I have to do now is cajole Dad into coming round and putting it up for me.

I haven't made much progress on my other fuchsia - I keep getting sidetracked by other people's blogs at lunchtime.  However, as I have now ordered my reward books (5 of them), I really need to get this finished in order to be able to read one of them at least.

The Cat is coming on, although the fabric is still not taking a good photo (this was taken indoors, but with the sunlight pouring through the window).  The problem with this one, as with the Beetle in its early stages, is that I get distracted by the laundry and by the books in my bedroom.  However, I have four months to work on it before my aunt's birthday - it might have to become my travel piece though.

And the piece de resistance - Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose.  I am so pleased with myself!  I got another three blocks done this week on the right hand side, which only leaves nine to go before I finish Page 1 (and get to read another book!).  It looks better from a distance or in a photo - when you're up close and personal with it, it's harder to see the picture coming through.

And you know, the best thing about it - my Mum is so impressed with it - she thinks my work is excellent, and as a textile artist herself, she wouldn't lie about that sort of thing, not even to make me feel good.  And knowing that she admires the quality of my work makes me feel like I'm walking on air!  I really hope that someone who matters to you makes you feel the same way too about your work!


  1. Your framed Fushias is gorgeous! I really like the choices you made in the framing. It seems like you are doing a lot of stitching, but just not on the ones you have put a "price" on. Maybe just be happy with all that you DID get accomplished. Lucky you to have a mother to appreciate your work.

  2. Your Fushias is framed beautifully. :D WIPs look great... I really love the Tiger's eye. :)