Sunday, 4 March 2012

Still plodding on!

As you can see, the Beetle isn't at the framers yet, despite it being my friend's 40th birthday today.

I have stitched on this piece morning, noon and night, but still have 30+ rows to go of between 20 and 40 stitches a row.  Apart from the small patch at the top left of the shadow, this has all been stitched in DMC 3787 and I am getting so sick of this particular shade.

On the other hand, I think that it's looking good.  I've done all the backstitch on the car, even if you can't really see it in this picture.  It is very subtle, but does lift the whole piece.  There is also a decorative section of backstitch in the top left hand corner, but I'm in two minds about it - I'm not sure that it will add much and wonder if it would just be better to let the Beetle speak for itself.  Here is a link to a picture of a finished example - what do you think?  Stitch it or leave it off?

It's WIPocalypse week this week - it would be nice to have another finish, but I will have to stitch like the clappers to get those 30+ rows done, especially as I'm having a very social life this week.  I shall look forward to seeing your WIPocalypse posts later on this week - all the best for your stitching goals! Oh, and just so you know, there should be no wordcheck thingie on my comments - I think I've done the right thing to be rid of it.


  1. Your Beetle is looking great Yes, I agree with you, that little leaf bit on the top left is really not worth the effort. I can't see where it would improve the piece any at all! Good luck getting your project done soon.

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend!!!

    Oh... definitely leave it off.... that's a weird addition.....

  3. Hello

    I've just joined your blog.

    Your beetle WIP is brilliant!

    I would leave it off too.

  4. OH nearly there - I definitely wouldn't bother with the bit at the top, seems slightly out of place - the Beetle certainly looks great without it.