Sunday, 6 September 2015

A week off work ...

And nose back to the grindstone tomorrow :-(

For most of the week, the weather was dubious, but that was only to be expected as it was Bank Holiday week.  It poured it down on Bank Holiday Monday, so when I had the girls for the day on Tuesday, they had to come equipped with waterproofs and wellies.  We went to Belton House and they had a great time on the adventure playground.  They wore themselves out and the fresh air was too much for me, so we all slept like logs that night.

One of the benefits of dubious weather when you have time off work is that you can easily justify to yourself time spent knitting and stitching, because of course there is no point going out in the rain.  So, progress pics:

Baby Express now has its first flower.  There will be a matching one on the other side when I get there.  The backstitch was straightforward so that got done too.  It only needs a couple of French knots for eyes, which will get done at the end.  Next up is the middle section of the border.

And then Hitchhiker - I am now up to point 40 on this.  The pattern goes up to point 42 (obviously), but there is still an awful lot of yarn left to work through.

Up next are three new starts.

 I know it's a bit early for the "C" word, but this is the first of two knitted Christmas stocking decorations for my girls.  I've finished the leg section and intend to work my way through the heel section this week.

Then some new cross stitching.  This is "Stitch Night at the Crypt Club" by Prairie Moon on 32 count evenweave stitched over 2.  When it's done, it will be a 70th birthday present for my Mum.  The deadline for this is late October/early November.

And finally, I needed something to do while the girls were running riot in the adventure playground on Tuesday.  So I cast on for Vanilla Latte socks in Sirdar Heart and Sole self striping yarn.  However I discovered that I had twisted it when joining in the round, so had to rip back to the beginning and cast on again, which is why there isn't a lot to see yet.

So plenty to keep me occupied and out of mischief, and only a few weeks to go until Yarndale :-)

All the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay well away from your needles.


  1. Wow, much fun going on, sounds like a week off work well spent :) Great progress on Hitchhiker, you're just flying through that one, and on the birth sampler too. Great new starts as well, I like what I can see of Prairie Moon cross stitch yet, and the colour for the socks looks great! I can't quite see a stocking in your start there yet, so I'm curious to see how it will play out ^_^

  2. Looks like an awesome week off workšŸ˜€your progress is wonderful. I've been looking at that hitchhikers scarf for a while it's just not towel like enough for me! :)