Sunday, 13 September 2015

A little gentle forward motion ...

It's been a busy week this week, going back to work and something on nearly every night.  However progress has been made, more on some projects than on others.

I went to Patchwork Group on Thursday night and got a fair bit done on the centre section of the bottom border.  I'm hoping that I might get that finished this week.

Progress was not quite so good on Crypt Club.  The 32 count fabric requires good light and the weather this week has been poor.  However I have got started on the lady's skirt, and I did buy fabric for the border/backing today.

Yesterday I went to Knit Group and finished the knitting part of the first Christmas stocking.  I intend to leave the Swiss darning and sewing up until I have done the second one.  That way I only have to get my needle out the once.

Progress on my Vanilla Latte socks has been very slow - just a few more rounds of rib.  I'm not in a hurry to get these done.  They are my travel and waiting project, so no deadlines to worry about.

And finally Hitchhiker!  This is what 42 points in lace weight yarn looks like spread out on a single duvet.  I have weighed the remaining yarn and I still have 36g left.  So if the original 100g was 600 metres in length, I should have just over 200 metres left.  I wonder how many more points I am going to get out of that - watch this space!

The physio was pleased with the improvement in my IT band, but wants me to carry on doing the exercises for another six weeks.  This is going to get harder and harder to stick to as the mornings get darker and colder.

All the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay well clear of your needles!

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  1. Great progress! It looks like you're almost there with the birth sampler, that stocking is really cute, and Hitchhiker is looking awesome! Here's what difference the weight does make, I knitted mine with sock yarn and fell just short of doing 42 points (I had to join in the second ball in the second-to-last row).