Sunday, 12 April 2015

Weird Weather Week

Sun, rain, sun, rain, wind - especially wind (and rain) today!  It really has been a trifle up and down this week.  And tomorrow?  Who knows?  I'm hoping for decent weather this week because my car is in the garage waiting for a part to be fixed down in London.  It went in on Wednesday morning, so there has been a lot of walking going on the back end of the week, and more to come this week.  If anyone else says that exercise is good for you, they are going to get a punch on the nose.  It just makes me tired and grumpy, and also makes my nose run.

However, despite the changeable weather, I do have progress to report.

Yesterday morning I cast off my Cabled Handwarmers, so now they need blocking and sewing up.  A close look will show you that somehow there is 1cm difference between the bottom rib sections on the two pieces.  I am not quite sure how this happened, but am hoping that no-one will notice when I'm wearing them.  I'm not calling this a finish until I can actually put them on.

Moving on to Baby Express, I have completed the whole of the next border section.  The intention for this coming week is to stitch the sun in this top right hand corner.

On Hermione's Socks, I've turned the heel, picked up and knitted the gusset and also knitted most of the foot.  I just need to compare it against one of my other hand knit socks to decide if I am ready to do the toe decreases.  It would be nice to get this sock completed this week.

And finally a new start!  Youngest niece will be 7 in June so I am knitting her a set of headbands in her favourite colours of lilac and violet.  This is supposed to be violet but the colour hasn't photographed well.  I'm knitting them in 100% cotton on 3.5 inch needles.  So this is the first couple of inches of the first headband.

In other news I went to Slimming World yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks.  Those 3 weeks include going on conference ("No calories on conference!") and family Easter Sunday lunch.  So the fact that I put on 0.5lb in that time is absolutely fine by me - I'm up to 11 stone 8lb, but still within my target limits.

All the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay well away from your needles.


  1. Nice progress, and congrats on fishing the wristwarmers!

  2. I wouldn't (and still didn't) even notice the difference on the handwarmers! :) I think they look great!