Monday, 9 March 2015

2015 WIPocalypse - March Full Moon

Most of last week was not a good week, apart from Sunday.  It was very stressful, apart from Sunday, and I did more comfort reading than anything else.  So there has been minimal progress on most items.

On a positive note, the Panda Hat for eldest niece is finished.  I did the last of the sewing up and finishing off yesterday evening.  It will definitely fit her, because it fits me :-)  It is her birthday tomorrow and I do hope she likes it.

Baby Express suffered this week.  I couldn't cope with the idea of back stitching, so those three green bars on the right are the sum total of progress on this piece since you last saw it.

Hermione's Socks also saw limited progress.  I also learned that watching the TV and knitting a new to you pattern do not mix.  There would be more to see if I hadn't had to tink back 5 needles following two episodes of "Great British Sewing Bee".

The cabled handwarmers got no love at all this week - hence no photo.

But then came Sunday, which was Christmas, or at least the workshop that I got given for Christmas!  The strange yellowy thing is a toe-up sock or at least all the components of a toe-up sock.  I spent most of Sunday learning new techniques in very pleasant company, and now in theory I have all the skills I need to knit toe-up socks as well as cuff-down socks.  I just need to finish Hermione's Socks first.

In other news, I maintained at Slimming World this week so still 11 stone 8lb.  And today I went out and bought a new monitor for my PC as the old one kept dying on me (another reason I didn't post yesterday - I didn't want the monitor to die mid-post).  This is a 19.5 inch monitor (the smallest they had)  - my old one was a 15 inch monitor - I don't have a lot of space.  The only drawback is that it has no built-in speakers (which the old one did), so I will have to do something to remedy that. 

Hopefully this week will be a better week.  Wishing all the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your needles.


  1. I hope your week improves and your crafting increases. It is all so pretty.

  2. Stressfull days are bad, but for that you got a fair bit done! The Panda Hat looks really cute, and toe up socks sound interesting. Is there any advantage to knitting them this way?

  3. Sorry it's not been a good week. the Panda hat is awesome though!

  4. Very pretty projects. Love the panda hat - I'll bet it's very much loved by its owner.

  5. Your panda hat is so CUTE!!
    Have that problem with back stitching too.... Hope you are able to get it done.