Monday, 19 May 2014

2014 WIPocalypse - May Full Moon & IHSW - May Edition

I must confess that I am looking forward to the autumn when WIPocalypse posts and IHSW posts will be further apart and I don't feel quite so crowded.  Anyway, I have some stitching to show, although not a lot of it was done under the IHSW banner.  It was Open Gardens on my parents' road this weekend and I spent the two nicest days that we have had this year helping out and running the tombola to raise money for our local hospice.  All in a very good cause, but not good for stitching.

Starting with Corgi, he now has two eyes and rows 3 and 4 are complete.  I haven't quite done half a page - that comes halfway through row 5 - but I think that I can plead off that one on the basis of working for a good cause.

I got two blocks done on Train of Dreams this week, so am now up to 3 out of the 7 I need to do for this month.  And the bottom of this column is only 2 and a bit blocks away - a column finish for next week would be very nice.

I also managed two more blocks on Carnation, which brings me to 3 out of the 6 to do for May, so halfway.  Four blocks would give me a row finish, and we do have a Bank Holiday coming up!

And now moving to a slight change of scene - this is my sampler scarf.  I have now done 40 rows of basket weave to add to the 40 rows of stocking stitch.  My next task is to do 40 rows of seed stitch, which may take a little longer as I will have to keep remembering to move the yarn round depending on whether I'm on k1 or p1.

It is difficult to see the basket weave using the variegated yarn, and I did try taking a close-up but it didn't really help.

And very quickly, in view of the WIPocalypse theme for the month, I don't really like cute charts at all and would prefer more serious stuff - like Joan Elliott's historical ladies and her fairies, really nice florals, just not the sort of thing you tend to find on kids' birthday cards.  Sorry folks, but that's how I fly.

In other news, I maintained last week so am still 11 stone 7lb.  That is fine with me because I did overindulge last weekend when I went to see my friend.  However someone I know vaguely did comment at the weekend about my weight loss and I did wear summer dresses both days without feeling too self-conscious, so am quite happy with the current state of play.

Anyway, I am going to love you and leave you as I am being collected in 10 minutes to go to a family history meeting and I need to get to my pick-up point pronto.  So all the best to you and yours and may the frog stay well clear of your stitching (and knitting)!


  1. VEry nice progress on all your pieces!

  2. beautiful progress