Sunday, 4 May 2014

2014 Goals - April Progress Report

So will someone please tell me where April went?  Is it me, or is 2014 passing by at a rate of knots?

Anyway, it is time for my next progress report on my goals for the year, so here goes:

1. Wedding
 Can someone please advise on what to do with a wedding sampler when the bride texts you two weeks before the wedding to say that it is all off?  I don't know the details, all I know is that it is off.  So what do I do with Wedding, which I haven't got round to framing yet?  Have any of you found yourself in this particular position?  If so, what did you do?

2. April

As per my earlier post this month, April is finished.  Now I need to sit down and sort out how I am going to turn this into a 12 inch square hanging.  I'm very pleased with it, although the design is not my personal cup of tea.  I would like to get this finish finished by the end of May.

3. Corgi

Well, I definitely reached my goal for April on this one.  I had my page finish on Monday 28 April - a day in which I put in over 3.5 hours on this piece dealing with all the confetti on page 1 and making a start on page 2.  Since then, I have continued to put in a lot of time on this piece and you can now see the shape of the corgi's second ear coming in.  I would like to have another page finish by the end of May, but we will see.

4. Guardian Angels

Abject apologies - nothing more to show on this one.  Unfortunately I haven't touched it since January as far as I can see from my stitching journal.  So the goal for May is to get some stitches done on this piece.


5. Carnation

This is last week's photo as I have been too busy with Corgi this week.  However I did complete my 6 blocks for April so I am still on target for a page finish at the end of the year.  The goal for May is another 6 blocks.


6. Train of Dreams

Unfortunately I have fallen behind on Train of Dreams.  I only managed to stitch 4 blocks out of the required 6 for the month, so am 2 blocks in arrears.  However I have already done my first block for May, so would hope to pull back at least one block this month.  That makes the goal for May 7 blocks in total.

7. Christmas ornaments

Still far too early to think about these.

In other news, Mum's hip replacement operation has been brought forward a week because the surgeon got his dates wrong.  She is now slightly stressed because she has a week less to get everything sorted in.  I have nothing to report on my weight loss because I didn't go to Slimming World this week.  I forgot to take my book/card to work so that I could go and get weighed straight afterwards, and as I was expecting a friend for coffee that evening, I decided to take it as holiday.  Just have to wait and see what the scales say this week.

Anyway, it's Bank Holiday weekend, the sun has been shining and I actually sat outdoors this afternoon without my jacket on and had a cup of tea with my parents.  Things are definitely looking up on the whole, and on that cheery note I will wish you and yours all the best for a lovely week, and may the frog steer well clear of your stitching.


  1. congrats on your finish, beautiful design

  2. Sorry to hear that the wedding was cancelled after you stitched that beautiful sampler. Maybe you can cut off the bottom part and make a pillow or something with the heart. All your stitching is beautiful! I LOVE Train of Dreams!