Sunday, 17 June 2012

IHSW - June 2012 Report

My camera has gone seriously on the blink - as in it won't turn on, regardless what batteries I put in it.  So I apologise for the lack of pictures in this post.  I have a nasty feeling that I am going to have to get a new camera - the current one is eight years old, but as I am still using the kettle that I took to University about 20 years ago, the camera does seem to have given up the ghost a tad prematurely!

So in order to spin this post out a bit, I'll tell you about my week.  My colleagues both came back to work on Tuesday so the pressure is off in that area, which is a great relief.  

On Wednesday I took the day off to go to a neighbour's funeral.  It was a lunchtime funeral so I got some stitching done on the Cat beforehand.   It was definitely not your bog standard funeral.  There weren't a lot of people there as he had no family and had been quite frail for the last couple of years of his life.  However, never before have I followed a coffin to the tune of "Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler?", nor have I left a funeral service to the sound of trains passing by (he was a train spotter) - it was an event which will remain in my memory for a long time.  I then went home and made chocolate crispies for Friday.

It was back to work on Thursday and Patchwork Group in the evening, so that meant that I got more work done on the Cat.  There was a comment that it now looked like a rabbit, rather than a bird which had been said on a previous occasion!

Friday was a very long day - 17 hours between the alarm going off at 6am and falling back into bed.  I did get my third block on Carnation done before leaving the house shortly after 9am, which means that there are now three complete rows on page 2.  I then spent the next seven plus hours helping out at my Marie Curie fundraising group's Great British Tea Party.  I did a lot of washing up and drying up, keeping the clean cups and plates flowing, but it was well worth it.  When I counted up at the end, we had made £954.99 and the pledges that we have received from people who couldn't attend should take us to about £1,100 - not bad for six hours work!  I shall find out the final figure on Wednesday at our post event meeting.

I then went home, changed my shoes and set out to babysit my nieces while my sister and brother in law went out for a meet the bride's parents meal ahead of the wedding yesterday.  My nieces were flower girls and my brother in law an usher.  I was too tired to cope with the Cat so I worked on my Delft piece and made some reasonable progress on the borders.  By the time my sister and brother in law got back and I got home and fell into bed, it was gone 11pm.  

Saturday was a quietish, stitching day, broken by a taxi run to take my sister's family into town to catch the bus that was taking them to the wedding.  My back seat is now covered in gold sparkle off the girls' dresses!

Today was a laundry , stitching and shopping day.  More progress was made on the Cat, which now has an ear.  Today was also Father's Day and my littlest niece's birthday.  So Dad got a book on Samuel Pepys and the Royal Navy, while the munchkin got a digital photo frame to go with the camera that my parents bought.  As everyone bar me had been at the wedding yesterday, we just had tea and birthday cake so that the kids could have an early night.  

I hope to get my technology problems sorted out in time for my next update, and in the meantime wish you and yours all the very best.


  1. Sounds like you got some good stitching time in with everything else. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. Good luck with the camera!

  2. Sorry to hear about your camera, but sounds like a lot of stitching got done. Certainly a busy week for you.

  3. lol! to think a low tech kettle would outlast your hi tech camera.

  4. Wow, what a busy time you've had!
    I hope you can sort out your camera!

  5. wow :D you have been busy! Life really does like to pile everything together at the same time.