Sunday, 12 February 2012

Postively the last appearance!

Tomorrow the Noah's Ark goes off to its new owner so I just wanted to show you how I had had it framed.  I apologise for the glare, but photography is not really my forte - I took several pictures in different locations but couldn't get one without some glare on it, so have chosen the best of the bunch.

 The only other piece that I have to show you is the Beetle, which is coming on nicely.  There is just one little problem - the friend for whom I am stitching it is coming round on Tuesday night for a coffee and to show me her stitching.  I am going to have to hide the Beetle away and get something else started as I don't want to go back to Carnation until I have the Beetle out of the way.  Carnation is just too complex to only have half your mind on because you are worrying about finishing something else.  So next week I should have a new start to show you.  In addition, it will be International Hermit and Stitch Weekend starting on Friday so I will need to sign up for that tomorrow.

I have to leave for work early tomorrow in order to catch my in-house courier, so will finish now, make tomorrow's lunch and boil a kettle for a hot water bottle cos it is somewhat chilly tonight.


  1. Noah's Ark looks fantastic in its frame - great job picking it out! And,Beetle is coming along as well. Can't wait to see what you new start is!

  2. beautiful stitching. It looks amazing framed!

  3. It looks super fantastic! Great framing job.