Sunday, 5 February 2012

The best laid plans!

Well, I booked Friday off to finish Noah's Ark as per my last post, but matters did not quite go according to plan.

On Thursday afternoon I got a phonecall at work - it was Dad ringing to say that Mum was in the local hospital with chest pains and they needed to do some blood tests to see if she had had a heart attack.  They did a 6 hour test which came back clear, but they also wanted to do a 12 hour test just to make sure.  Then the machine went down so it was 12.45pm when Dad rang to say that the test had come back clear but that Mum was staying in because they didn't know what was wrong and wanted to do more tests, so could I come and fetch him?  I got to bed at 1.30am, but I had stitched off and on until about 11.30pm when I felt my eyes giving out.

Friday I spent the morning sporadically stitching and waiting for phone calls.  In the end the hospital decided to discharge Mum and do the tests on an outpatient basis, so I picked her up about 1pm.  I did get a bit more stitching done later that evening.

Saturday I finally managed to buckle down to it and the Noah's Ark is now finished!  I managed to get it to the framers on Saturday afternoon and get home before 4 inches of snow started to fall on us.  However I am only going to show you the completed bottom half of the piece today - I'm saving the full picture for my WIPocalypse update on Tuesday.  So here goes:

The only problem is that I realised in bed last night that I had been in such a rush to get it to the framers that I forgot to stitch on my initials and the year - I've decided to stick a label on the back instead.  Oh, and the other thing - I did have enough thread  - although I was down to my last smidgen of black when I did the lettering!  So that's my first finish of 2012 done and dusted.

Moving on to the Beetle, more visible progress has been made.  We are now moving into windscreen territory.  The top part of the roof is white so I am going to leave that for the time being.  Now that Noah's Ark is complete, this becomes my priority piece - I just have to work out how best to get myself set up to stitch on it in the lounge instead of spread all over my bed, being as the lounge is warmer than the bedroom.

On the wool front, still no scarves, although I live in hope as my colleague told me in the week that she had received the fuchsia mix in the post (and wanted to keep it for herself!).  On the job front, still no news - I have sent another email asking about interview dates.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow so I better go and make my lunch.  See ya Tuesday.


  1. Loving that whale!! I can't wait to see you WIPocalypse post!

  2. I'm glad to hear your mom is ok. What a scare that must have been!

    Congrats on Noah's Ark!! It's darling. I can't wait to see the full piece. Good luck with figuring out the logistics of stitching Beetle in the lounge. Hope you hear back soon about the job.