Sunday, 15 January 2012

Just another Sunday update

How come its Monday in the morning?  Where did the weekend go?

Well, good progress has been made on Noah's Ark this week.  The current plan is to work from the right hand side of the Ark to the left, then to stitch the whale, then the sea, and then to backstitch up to the middle.  The final bit will be to roll up, do the French knot for the dove's eye and fill in baby's details.  I showed it to the Patchwork Group on Thursday - they haven't seen it since early November - and they all like it.  I think that the backstitch makes all the difference and really lifts it.

I got a limited amount done on the Beetle today, filling in the gap on the left hand side.  This was down to going on an excursion to a fabric shop with Mum and three other members of the Patchwork Group.  We left about 9ish and didn't get back till just before 1pm.  I bought some threads and gold plated needles, a bead mat and a piece of cream aida, but nothing worth taking a picture of.  Then I had to take Dad shopping and do three loads of washing, but I was determined to get some stitches in on the Beetle.  The bit that I wanted to do got done, but working on it in the evening without good light has given me a headache which I could do without.

I've also been looking at wool.  One of my colleagues came to work on Friday with a lovely scarf that she had knitted herself.  She told me which wool it was (Katia Ondas), and the idea is that I choose the colour, she will knit it for me and it will cost me less than it would if I bought a readymade elsewhere.  There's a nice black and white combo, which would go with most things, and a rather gorgeous fuchsia mix - decisions, decisions.

However the next decision is to go and make tomorrow's lunch, cos the alarm goes off at 6am again tomorrow.

NB - It is International Hermit and Stitching Weekend next weekend so I will be signing up for that in due course!