Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sorry it's late!

I'm a bit behind the fair this week.  Although my WIP photos were taken on Sunday as usual, I had a very early start on Monday to drive down south for a family funeral.  I've just about recovered from driving over 300 miles in one day so here's my update.

My Poinsettia did not get worked on last week for one reason or another, so no photo this time round.

I managed to get the tyre finished on the Beetle this week as I had no interruptions, and have moved onto the front bumper.  This is not a piece that I would ever stitch for myself and doing it on aida means that a sharp needle is required for the many fractional stitches (which would be so much easier to do on evenweave).  Nevertheless I shall plug on in the hope that my friend will appreciate it when the time comes.

 Carnation is coming on slowly - there are something over 2,500 stitches there.  I will have to roll the fabric up soon in order to stitch the bottom section of page 1.  That will be a two person job as the frame is so long that it is difficult to manipulate the dowels and keep the fabric taut on your own.

In other news I have still not been able to sort out my Cross Stitch Gold subscription.  I have now had four different call centre minions say that they will call me back in the last two plus weeks, and nada.  According to tonight's minion (No. 5), all the supervisors go home at 5.30pm and let the minions get on with it.  I will therefore be ringing up at 8am tomorrow in order to speak to a supervisor before I go to work cos I am not impressed by the service that I am receiving, and if I don't get a straight answer tomorrow morning, there will be a formal letter of complaint to the Chief Executive.  OK, rant over for the time being.

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