Sunday, 10 July 2011

A long week

Well I meant to get back to you before now, but as the title says, it's been a long week.

Monday, I drove a 300 mile plus round trip to Essex and back to attend a family funeral with my parents.  It was a scorching hot day, and although the funeral went well and it was very nice to meet up with family members who I haven't seen for years, it's taken just about all week to get back to normal.

I have had to change my Slimming World class as of this week.  My previous consultant has changed venue and evening.  I could have got to the new venue but can't do the new evening due to prior commitments.  So now I have to attend another class on a different night and get to know a whole new set of people, which is probably good for me but I could have done without it this week.

And to top it all off, on Friday evening my washing machine died in the middle of washing my work gear!  The perfect end to a tiring week.  However a little man should be coming round tomorrow to fix it when he has arranged a time with my Dad who will be letting him in, and my lovely parents let me use their washing machine instead of having to make a trip to the laundrette.

On the bright side, I finally got a call back from someone at Origin Publishing and now have my subscription to XS Gold for £24.30 as per their advert.

I did get some work done on my Poinsettia piece this week.  Its coming on quite nicely, but I'm looking forward to finishing it and starting on something else.

There has been progress on the Beetle as well.  That there is a chunk of front bumper.  The blue and brown and orange look a bit odd, but when I checked them against the picture on the front of the kit, it seemed to work OK in the finished version.  I'm not sure whether I got more than normal done this morning because I wasn't up and down to the washing machine as usual or whether I might have got more done if I hadn't been up and down sorting out Mum on the Internet.  I shall be so glad when she gets on-line at home.

And finally Carnation - another 300 odd stitches done this week, mainly at the bottom left.  I just need to complete one more square and that will officially take me over the 2,900 mark and leave me just 100,000 stitches to go!  Mum seems to be coming to terms with this project - at least she takes a good look at it each time she drops by.  You see, she's a patchworker and quilter - has been for well over 25 years - and doesn't really understand why I choose to cross stitch and also why I don't create my own designs.  I've tried to explain to her that as I can't actually draw, cross stitch enables me to create something beautiful and I also find it very soothing and beneficial to my mental health.

Well, its getting on and I have work in the morning, so will call it quits.

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