Monday, 22 June 2015

So much for flaming June!

It rained on Midsummer Eve, it rained on Midsummer Day and it rained again today!  If anyone mentions the word "drought" to me any time soon, I may do them a mischief.  I know I go on about the weather a fair bit, but when there is a seasonal element to your relationship with the Black Dog, a soggy summer is not very beneficial to your state of mind.  I could quite happily ship all this rain to California, where it would be properly appreciated!

On a lighter, brighter note I have a finish and two starts to report.

The two headbands for littlest niece were finish finished the day before her birthday. When she opened her present, she put the first one (with the flower) on her own head and the second one (the lace one) on her sister's head.  So I'm counting that one as a success.  And my Mum really likes the leaves!

However, having finished Hermione's Socks last week and then the headbands, I had nothing left to knit.  I still need to finish finish my handwarmers, but I had nothing on the needles, which made me very fidgety (addicted much?).  So this weekend I started two new projects.

The first new project was my first pair of toe-up socks.  As it is just over 3 months since I did the workshop on these, I had some problems with the cast on.  My attempts at the Turkish cast on resulted in holey toes and my attempts at Judy's Magic Cast On resulted in bad language as I kept dropping needles and getting nowhere.  So I went back to the yarn shop where I did the workshop and got the owner to show me how to do it again.  And lo and behold we have a toe!

My second new project is "Hitchhiker" by Martina Behm.  I have been waiting to start this shawlette for quite a while now.  I bought the pattern on New Year's Eve but have only now found myself in a position to put yarn and needles together.  It's called Hitchhiker because when finished, it will have 42 points.  I'm using a lace weight yarn instead of the sock yarn it was designed with, so my shawlette will end up somewhat lighter weight.  The pattern is nice and easy and I'm enjoying the process as well as looking forward to wearing the product.

And finally Baby Express.  I think I've made some good progress on this since you last saw it and when the back stitching is all done, it is going to look very nice indeed.

I think that's everything for this post - I don't have any other news to tell you.  So all the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your needles!


  1. I'm glad your niece liked the headbands. Love your new starts, the colours are so nice and bright and summer-y, and making up for the lack of actual summer a bit! Great progress on baby express as well :)

  2. Baby Express is looking good!