Wednesday, 6 May 2015

2015 WIPocalypse - May Full Moon

Apologies for the delay in posting this.  Somehow my work computer managed to catch a virus on Friday, which was a bit scary, and put me off going on-line at home for a few days.  However I did take WIP photos so here is a catch-up.

The top border of Baby Express is now complete and since this photo was taken, work has begun on the side border.  The baby is coming up to three months old and I really need to make better progress on this.

There has been progress on this headband, but not enough to be very obvious.  This is another piece where I need to crack on, especially if I am going to knit a second one before mid-June.

And finally I am working my way down the leg of Hermione's second sock.  I've got the pattern firmly in my head, so I just need to knit, knit and knit.

Saturday was Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day so I spent most of the afternoon and evening in my LYS.  I also bought yarn which will at some point become a project and make itself known on this blog.

In other news, my blood tests came back "normal" so why am I still so tired?  And cold - I wish the weather would sort itself out - you never know what to wear because it never stays the same longer than five minutes.  Also I am so looking forward to the General Election being over - if one more person puts political junk mail through my door or knocks on it wanting to know how I'm planning to vote, there may well be trouble!

Anyway, all the best to you and yours, may the frog steer well clear of your needles, and may the sun shine on you every day.

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  1. Great progress, that border is coming along nicely and so are the headband and sock. Maybe you're just feeling tired because of the weather? I know that unsteadyness is doing me in sooner or later...