Sunday, 19 October 2014

Far Too Many Pretty Things!

Today I went to the Bakewell Wool Gathering.  Bakewell is a pretty little market town in the Peak District area of England not far from Chatsworth, and so gets lots of tourists visiting.  But this weekend was the Wool Gathering so I got up early this morning and headed out to see what there was.  I promised myself that I wasn't going to spend a lot (having bought a lot of yarn in Yorkshire) and that I wasn't going to buy sock yarn (because I already have lots).  I failed on both counts (surprise!).

There were far, far too many pretty things.  Half of this is sock yarn and the four skeins of yarn on the left are from new to me vendors.  The reddy aran weight yarn in the middle comes from someone who only lives a few miles down the road, which is a dangerous thing to know.

Moving on to work in progress - thanks to having a day off on Friday so that my plumber could check the boiler over before the winter weather really kicks in, I got three blocks done on Carnation this week.  So row 16 is complete and the first block of row 17 is done.  I've done some calculations and I need to get 2.5 blocks done each week in order to finish this page by the New Year.

Sock number 2 is coming on nicely.  The only problem is that the needles get caught in my cuffs when I'm knitting.  There was a lady at the Gathering today knitting baby booties on very short double pointed needles.  She was also knitting a sock on a 20cm circular needle which, as well as not getting caught in your cuffs, has the benefit of not creating any ladders in your knitting.  My next pair of socks will be knitted on a circular needle for sure!

And I have started Breeze again!!!  This time I am using a lifeline (that's the fleshy pink embroidery thread) at the end of each repeat.  I am hoping that this will mean that if I do have to frog it again, I will only have to frog it back to the last repeat, fingers very firmly crossed.

In other news, I didn't make it to Slimming World this week.  We had a bit of a crisis at work that afternoon, which meant that I was late leaving work, got caught up in the traffic, was running very behind and was feeling somewhat stressed.  As a target member, I don't have to turn up every week so I just came home and put my feet up.  However I will make a definite effort to go this week.

On the thyroid front, I am still waiting to hear from the hospital as to whether I can come off the pills.  I will be ringing the nurse tomorrow as it has been well over a week since I had the blood test and I really want to know what the current position is.

It was an early start so I shall love you and leave you, and may the frog steer well clear of your needles of whatever variety.

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