Monday, 25 November 2013

Hark the Herald Angels ...

Yes, it is officially that time of year again. They had the grand turning on of the Christmas lights here in my little suburb on Saturday night with a craft fair, farmers market, live music, children's fairground and fireworks.

 And I do actually have some angel to show you.  That narrow column of stitching next to Serena is the left hand side of Angelique's skirt.  When there is a bit more to see, Serena will ease out of the picture, but I thought that she would lend a bit of context to an otherwise uninteresting photo.  There was serious frogging again with Angelique before reaching this point - I really must learn to read the instructions before putting needle to fabric!

Moving on to a piece which will eventually include angels, I have made good progress on April this week.  There is a largish plant in a pot still left to do on the right hand side before I start to back stitch back to the middle.  There is a lot of back stitch so it may take some little time :-(

This is a lighter picture than I usually manage to get of Train of Dreams, and it is technically poor, but it does mean that you get a better idea of the colours in it.  I got another couple of blocks done this week.

This last picture is of my Bouquet cards finally made up to sell.  Unfortunately the people who attended our Marie Curie coffee morning last week were obviously the wrong market as the cards did not sell.  However I will try them at work and see what happens.  They look good though, don't you think?

In other news, a very kind friend of mine has offered me her mum's sewing box containing a number of untouched skeins of thread probably dating from the 1940s/1950s.  I don't know what brand they are, but my mum will find a use for them even if I can't.

Furthermore I somehow managed to lose 2.5lb last week, bringing me down to 11 stone, 10.5lb.  I'm not sure whether I will be able to maintain this loss as a spot of emergency baby sitting last night led to a stopoff at the chip shop on the way home, and I will be out for a meal on Wednesday night.  I'm wondering if the weight loss may have been partly due to expenditure of calories on keeping warm as I only just put the central heating on this morning.  Any biologists out there with a view on that?

It's getting chilly now and I need to put the kettle on for my hot water bottle, so will love you and leave you.  All the best to you and yours, and may the frog keep away from your stitching!


  1. Lovely always! I love train of dreams, I may one day get around to stitching it myself! In the meantime, it's fun to watch you stitching it :)

    Well done with the weight loss, just keep at it and don't worry too much over the numbers. It'll probably get a bit crazy over Christmas, but just do what you can.

  2. I love the cards - they are stunning :)