Sunday, 13 October 2013

More happy dancing!

Despite the distinct downturn in the weather which makes me want to crawl under the covers and stay there, I have another finish to report!

 Bouquet 6 is finished!!!

So I can now show you all six Bouquet pieces together.  As soon as I get my iron back from my sister, these will be washed, pressed and made up into cards which will hopefully sell at our Marie Curie coffee morning next month.  I will have a photo of the finished finished pieces in due course.

Moving on to Serena, I have made some good progress here.  She now has a wing, so just the other wing, the backstitch and the beading to go.  I'm still not sure about when best to do the beading, and will need to make up my mind in the next week or so.

And last but not least, Train of Dreams.  I am pleased to report that column 2 is now completed and column 3 has been started.  

What else?  Well, having lost 1.5lb unexpectedly last week, I put it back on again this week.  I'm not worried about this - I have had a vile cold which is still lingering slightly, and consequently was not exactly concentrating on what I was eating.

I meant to show you the stash that I received from Ebay this week, but forgot to take a photo so will have to do that next week.

Having finished the Bouquet series, I have my next project already set up.  As Christmas is beginning to loom over the horizon, I have chosen the pieces for my nieces' tree ornaments and will soon be starting work on a couple of musical snowmen.  After that, Mum has reminded me that two of the Patchwork ladies are celebrating birthdays with a 0 on the end next year.  We are not making them quilts as they have so many of their own already.  Instead we are making 12" bound blocks representing the months of the year to be presented with a hanger so that they can rotate them as appropriate.  I have to stitch April for one lady and November for the other.  Time to put my thinking cap on.

I can hear the rain on the windows again, so time to put the kettle on for a hot water bottle and then turn in.  All the best to you and yours, and may the frog steer well clear of your stitching!

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