Sunday, 12 May 2013

Keeping on keeping on

What can I say?  Life just loves to bite you on the behind sometimes.  I've been nagging Mum to go back to the doctor and have her heart checked out again for some time now.  Thursday morning just gone she had a funny turn and finally made an appointment for this coming Wednesday.  Today I get a call from my cousin, a cardiology nurse.  In the course of the conversation, Mum's funny turn comes up - J doesn't like the sound of it at all, says that Mum should get herself seen sooner rather than later, says she really should have had herself checked out on Thursday.  So I've spoken to Dad on the quiet and fingers crossed, he will be making her an emergency appointment in the morning.  I may find myself in the dog house over this, but "de Nile" is not always a river in Egypt where Mum and her health is concerned, so needs must.

EDITED TO ADD: The dog house is very crowded - me, my sister and my cousin all convicted of not talking to Mum and doing things behind her back.  She is seeing her preferred doctor on Wednesday.  But she still loves us :-)

On a brighter note, there is stitching progress to report.

This week I have back stitched the top section of Enchanted Garden as far down as was feasible.  I then moved to the bottom left hand corner and started to work across.  I am now back stitching as I go so that once an area is done, it is done and I don't have to go back to it later.  The green lines that Fairy 2 is standing on are the bottom of the piece, which makes it easier for me to see how much more there is to go, because I know where the right hand edge is.

The next section to do is the bunny's body and various clover flowers etc.  The final section will be Fairy 4 with her adapted hairstyle and the stalk and surroundings of Fairy 3's toadstool.  

I know for sure now that I'm addicted to this cross stitching lark - I've given myself repetitive strain injury with it, I've promised myself a month off after this piece to give my wrist a rest, so why am I lying in bed nights contemplating new starts, mainly BAPs, especially when I've got four WIPs currently gathering dust until I get this piece done?  Does anybody have a cure for this insanity :-)? 

May the sun shine on you and your stitching.

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  1. Your stitching is looking great! And I don't think there is a cure for the insanity. In fact I believe that stitching is what keeps us sane! Sending good thoughts your way for your mom's health.