Sunday, 21 April 2013

IHSW - April 2012 Edition

Time seems to be flying this year - how can it be time for IHSW again?  At least we have had some sunshine this weekend and I did go for a nice walk yesterday afternoon because I was getting a bit of eye strain.

Anyway, let's start with the good stuff!  Major Happy Dance time, folks!  Major, major!

Page 3 of Carnation is finished!  I put the last stitches in on the evening of 17 April 2013, which means that I was five weeks ahead of schedule for getting it done by its second anniversary (25 May 2013).  I am so pleased with myself that I could sing!

Now I am concentrating solely on Enchanted Garden.  Fairies 2 and 3 (top right) are now both works in progress.  I'm working across the middle of the piece at the moment, and then will decide whether to work the top section or the bottom section at that point.  There has been some frogging this week, but onwards and upwards as they say!

What else?  I went back to Pilates after a two week hiatus, and I feel better for it.  I also went to a Marie Curie meeting and discussed future fundraising events.  Not only that, I attended a shoe party (like a Tupperware party, but for shoes) and bought a pair.  I can't show you them yet as I'm waiting for them to be delivered, but they are purple peep-toe stilettos.  I'm going to wear them to work and shock the pants off my colleagues, who rarely see the other side of me - I'm not sure that some of them even realise that it's there :-)

On Wednesday I am going to take Turkish Challenge round to Mum's, together with the horrid fabric, and try to work out how to combine the two in a way that I can bear to put my name to.  And on Thursday we are finally going to have our team Christmas do.  Our team is split over two offices and it makes it very hard to synchronise diaries, so we are having Christmas in April this year.

I hope that the sun is shining for you, and wish all the best to you and yours.


  1. Well done on your page finish.x

  2. Darn it - I am going to have to pick up my own cross stitch after seeing this. You are doing some beautiful work. WS xxx