Sunday, 9 December 2012

The perils of the Internet ...

Unfortunately there isn't a lot to show you this week in the way of stitching. This is for a number of reasons.  

Firstly, after I finished last week's post, I got sucked into the Internet and didn't manage to escape and turn the computer off until 5.15am on Monday morning.  This meant that I got no sleep, did no morning stitching, was too blurry eyed to stitch at lunchtime and proceeded to have an early night in order to lower my sleep deficit.  

I did get some stitching done through the week, but then on Friday I had a day off to go to Newark Antique Fair, so I was gone nearly all day and it was so bitterly cold that I developed a really sore throat which meant no stitching in the evening and very little sleep at night.

Then on Saturday it took a while to get going, followed by a somewhat futile trip into town to attempt some Christmas shopping so no stitching at all that day.

 I did get a little done on the watering can bouquet during the week.  The colours aren't coming up very well - the pinks are a lot more lurid than that.

I finally managed to get this week's block 3 on Carnation completed just before tea tonight, but there is some helpful overlap into the next block to give me a bit of a head start in the morning.

Neither Train of Dreams nor Serena were touched this week for the reasons given above.  Also I'm fairly sure that I have a touch of the winter blues - my daylight bulb is helping when I'm at home, but I get no natural daylight at work and find this time of year really quite hard to cope with.  On the bright side, Dad is still not smoking!


  1. The net is definitely a time suck. Your stitching is beautiful!

  2. love stitching :) good luck with avoiding the internet this week :)