Sunday, 11 November 2012

Slow and steady does it.

This is not going to be a long post tonight as we had family visiting this weekend, which affected the amount of stitching done, but a baby is a lovesome thing, God wot.

Starting with my Christmas snowman, I took him to Patchwork Group this week.  I had to frog his hat almost immediately because I had gone one stitch to the left too many.  However by the end of the evening, he had hat, face and a good start on a body.  The remainder of his body and the start of his blue A got done on Saturday night.  I rather think that I am going to have to backstitch him as well as his A - he was designed to be stitched on pale blue aida rather than white, so does not show up brilliantly.

Train has really suffered this week.  Due to my cousin's visit, I have only put half a dozen or so stitches into this today, but I have completed another block, bringing the total to 17.  Hopefully better luck next week.

On to Carnation, which got its regulation three blocks again this week.  One more block on the current row and then down to row 3 next week.  My camera lost the plot taking this photo - I took the picture and a message came on the screen - "Blink detected".  If you can see anything in this picture capable of blinking, then you have better eyes than me!

Next, my frames came for Mum's Angels and for Four Seasons.  The Angels will have to come first, but it did take two of us to get the fabric onto the clip frame properly.  Now I just have to get my thread organisers sorted and get started.

Finally I had a quick word with my littlest niece today when she came round to my parents' house to see the baby.  It turns out that she wants a picture similar to the one I did for her big sister (see Sunflowers on my 2011 Finish page).  This means that Mum and I will have to do some serious adapting of the Sunflower chart - reversing it is just going to be the start as I really don't want to do the exact same piece.

Anyway, here's wishing you all well for another week, especially anyone still suffering from Sandy chaos.  And as it is Remembrance Sunday, at the going down of the sun, we will remember those who gave their lives that we might live freely.  Willie and Jack, your names live on in our hearts.

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  1. To say you have had visitors you have still made great progress :)