Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rain, rain, go away!

Take a week off work and what does it do?  Rains like billy oh!  Every time you step out of the door, you look up at the sky and try to decide - coat, no coat, brolly, no brolly?  It's been warm enough not to need a coat, but then you are taking a chance on getting soaked.  On Friday, it rained so heavily that we had minor flooding just outside where I live.  Admittedly I never crossed the doorstep on Friday, just opened the front door to see how bad it was and then went back in again, but it is getting beyond a joke.  Who's nicked our summer?!

Other than that, this week I've made a research trip to Huntingdon, ordered new glasses, had lunch with friends, enjoyed enough lie-ins that getting up at 6am tomorrow is going to be hard, and done plenty of stitching.

This is not the best picture that I've ever taken of the Cat - as usual the colour of the fabric is all wrong and it is very creased - but it now has two ears and is obviously a cat and not a bird or a rabbit.  The next job is to finish its forehead and start working down to the second eye.  I have 23 days left to go so this is going to be my main focus of concentration for the time being.  I will work on Carnation but the Delft piece is going on hold until I can see the end of the tunnel on the Cat.

Following on from my WIPocalypse post on Tuesday, this week's three blocks got completed and I am into row 5.  Lots of confetti in the last block and in the next couple where I'm working on a lily bud.

I do find that both of these pieces look better in photographs, which I suppose bodes well for how they will look once framed and on the wall.  Anyway, back to work in the morning, and here's hoping that there isn't too much of a backlog waiting for me.  Good luck with your stitching.


  1. I sure wish you could send some of that rain our way. It has been five or six weeks since we have gotten any rain. The whole town I live is is brown - all the grass is dead.

    Your cat is looking great - I bet you can get it done in time!

  2. Beautiful stitching. We have lots of rain too.

  3. Love seeing how your cat is coming to life now.

  4. I wish it would rain here were desperate for it!

    Your wips are lovely and what I can see of your cat it's going to be gorgeous