Sunday, 9 October 2011

WIP update

Well, as promised yesterday, here is a work in progress update following my holiday.

I have nothing to show on Carnation, because although I took it away with me, the  layout and set-up of the cottage were not really suitable for working on something so large.  I think that I put in about half a dozen stitches while I was gone, so need to get back to grips with it this week.

Because Beetle is my Sunday morning piece, I have two update photos for you.

The one on the left shows what I got done while I was away.  The one on the right shows what I did this morning.  I am currently working on filling in the bonnet, but it is a slow process because there are umpteen narrow bands of colour to give the right effect.

The piece that I really made progress on was my Robin.  It was just the right size to work on and everything for it was held in one narrow plastic A4 box file, unlike Beetle (which I had to move the dining table to under the lounge window in order to work on).

The right hand side with the blackberry fruits is complete, backstitch and all.  I need to finish the robin himself and do the few lines of backstitch on him, and then there is another short piece of branch with blackberry blossom on the left hand side to be done.  Then add my initials, wash, press and frame - all in time for my friend's birthday.

On top of that I still need to wash, bead and finish my Poinsettia piece and sort out what I'm going to do with the Mouseloft/Hobbycraft pieces.  I'm thinking of making cards out of them, but with the backgrounds being pale blue and cream, they don't exactly go with the traditional red/green colour scheme.  Need to think about that one.

Back to work tomorrow, which will be interesting after a two week break, so must now go and make lunch.

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